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Our vinyl animal rugs are made from a material, also called PVC, which is why you will also find them in the form of PVC animal rugs. This PVC material is fully recyclable and these animal skin imitation vinyl carpets are printed with UV eco-solvent inks, which gives us an idea of their respect for the environment around us. The benefits go well beyond this in respect for the environment, since they are very easy to clean. These animal printed vinyl rugs do not accumulate dust, they are waterproof, hypoallergenic and antibacterial, very resistant and, moreover, washable, so in case of dirt, you will not have to worry to damage them by washing. We can therefore consider them as more of a decorative accessory and which help us to have a more comfortable place, to have better health with them.

Choose the design you like the most, from our catalog, for a bold and very modern decoration. You will find figures of wild animals, birds, marine animals, among others. Since vinyl rugs come in all colors, this will help you match any type of decor. You can place these animal vinyl carpets anywhere in the house, whether in the living room, in a bedroom, in the bathroom or in the children's room.

You will receive instructions with which you can optimize its use for many years and its very simple maintenance, compared to classic carpets which require more daily maintenance.

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