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Vinyl Rugs

Vinyl Tiled Rugs

This type of hydraulic vinyl rug is an exquisite fashion that has been rescued from the 60s, when it was used in shops, stores, homes, offices and many establishments. Some of the vinyl rugs are imitations of the hydraulic floor that was used in flooring at the beginning of the last century on all types of floors.

What characterizes this type of hydraulic rug is its mainly floral design as a geometric kaleidoscope to make complex combinations. Its base was cement mixed with pigments to give the characteristic colors of that time.

Decoration with hydraulic vinyl rugs

The designs of the hydraulic floor vinyl rugs are similar to the decorations of Arabic or Hindu art. The advantage of this type of hydraulic tile vinyl rug is that it can be placed in any space without completely changing the ceramic or floor you have. That is, it is an optional decorative object that can be changed at any time. Decorators consider it one of the best options when redecorating a room.

Hydraulic PVC rugs can be personalized and provide their multiple color combinations with the warmth and comfort they offer. These hydraulic vinyl rugs are in bright and striking colors and give an exclusive touch to the place where they are placed. In addition, they can be made to measure so that the result is better. Hydraulic vinyl rugs allow you to recreate those models from other times that bring back nostalgic memories. Thanks to its patterns, the feeling of returning to that space with these decorations like grandmothers' houses is created.

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3D cubes effect vinyl rug
By Adeline B on Jan 25, 2024
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Very happy with what we received.
Vinyl rug in brown and arabesque style
By Simone R on Jan 11, 2024
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Very professional, fast delivery. Product conforms to the description. Very...