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Make an original and welcoming ambience in your children’s room, where they will want to spend many hours playing and enjoying. We have an infinity of drawings that your children will love, full of colours and life. Beyond that, it’s so easy to apply that even your kids will want help you to stick them. Other advantage is the resistance of the childish wall sticker and the easy cleaning. We know that the children like to do drawings on the walls and in the furniture. But if you have on childish wall decal you will not have this problem. You just need to clean it with a cloth with alcohol and the scratches will easily come out, not changing the colour of the vinyl.

Make the room, your child’s room dream!

They are made for boy and for girls. To make them unique, you can use custom childish wall decals, putting their names, that will improve the welcoming. Exist a lot of Childish Decal of cartoons very colourful and full of life and animation. Our online shop factory very cheap children’s wall decals, easy to apply and with a lot of resistance that make it a perfect vinyl easy to clean.

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